69 nmain

Address: 67-69 North Main Street
Architectural Style: Greek Revival
Year Built: c. 1840
Architect/Builder: unknown
Original Owner: unknown

This building has served a dual purpose for much of its history.  The northern half was a residential dwelling, while the southern half served as a doctor's office at least from 1896 to 1915.  S. Glosser owned the property in 1896, but it is not known if he lived there or if he was a doctor.  By 1900, Leroy Glosser, perhaps his son or other relation, owned the building.  Leroy was born in Fredericktown in 1850.  He became a carpenter, and married Clara Castner in 1874.  Clara was born in 1852 in Woodbury, Pennsylvania.  Together they had a son, George E. Glosser, who was born on August 4, 1878.

This is one of Fredericktowns oldest buildings.  While it began as a dual residential and commercial structure, it currently serves solely as the latter.  A central entrance, framed by pilasters and an entablature, lends some decoration to this simple structure.  The rear of the building has a long shed roof over a single-story addition that likely dates to shortly after the house was built.