25 high

Address: 25 High Street
Architectural Style: Greek Revival; Gothic Revival
Year Built: c. 1850
Architect/Builder: unknown
Original Owner: Henry Cassell

Henry Cassell was born in 1823 in Maryland.  His family moved to Knox County in 1830.  He married his first wife, Viola Jane Beers, in 1851.  Viola died in 1861, the same year that Cassell moved to Fredericktown.  Tow years later in 1863, Cassell married his second wife, Carrie Hyatt.  He worked in the hardware store owned by William Rodgers shortly after the Civil War broke out to cover for a friend who went to fight.  Cassell eventually took full ownership of the store.

Henry Cassell acquired this property sometime around 1861.  His son Harry lived here after Henry passed away, and was later owned by Harry's son, Hobart.  Hobart Cassell, Jr. made the fourth generation of Cassells to own the property.  The two-story Gothic Revival porch is likely a later addition.  Both first and second floor entrances have common Greek Revival elements with large sidelights and transoms surrounding the doors.